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True to the Plant

From the farm to your hands, every step of our process is tailored towards curating consistent perfection.

We do not seek to control nature, but to work with it. Respectfully and honestly. Our dedication to these principles in everything we do is the foundation of our “True To The Plant” experience.

Safety and purity are paramount. We NEVER use petrochemical solvents (like butane BHO) that strip away the fragile, synergistic plant compounds. Our process ensures that our products are only exposed to elements that we feel comfortable putting into our bodies. The result is an extract that showcases the full flavor, complex balance and beneficial properties of the flower.

There is no comparison

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We wouldn’t devote our lives to innovating extraction without also having the same standards for our delivery device.

Our cartridge is comprised of medical-grade stainless steel and glass. We avoid plastic parts that could leach toxins into our product and your body. All of our cartridges are built with a proprietary ceramic-post heating element that delivers optimum flow using safe, nontoxic materials

Respect the plant and you will be rewarded with its extraordinary range of benefits.


Evolvd’s non-industrialized, purist approach leaves the plant’s soul intact, so you experience the intricacies specific to each batch of carefully selected flower.


Our process ensures the fragile compounds like terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils are carefully preserved during extraction. These compounds react synergistically with THC, CBD and numerous other minor cannabinoids to enhance the unique therapeutic benefits of our oil.


Explore the influences of the distinct soil, climate and growth conditions that create the distinguishable “terroir” present in Evolvd extracts. Taste the Strain.
Taste the Place.