Battery features and tips

• To turn battery on/off, click button 5 times rapidly

• Evolvd batteries have 3 heat settings – Low (green), Medium (Blue) and High (Red)

• To change between heat settings, press button 3 times.

• For optimal dosage, press and hold button for approximately 5 seconds as you inhale.

• To avoid burning the oil, do not hold the button down for longer than 7 seconds.

• For a microdose, push button twice rapidly and release. Once the LED light cycles through all of the colors, inhale without repressing the button.

• For the best flavor, set your battery to the lowest heat setting (green).

My cartridge won’t draw

Unscrew the cartridge from the battery and make sure the circular pin on the bottom of the cartridge is pushed in all the way.

My cartridge is clogged

In climates above room temperature (75° F), the metal components of the cartridge conduct heat, raising the temperature of the oil. This can create a warm channel for the oil to flow through the coil on the bottom of the cartridge, clogging the airflow channels. To prevent clogging and leakage, store in a cool environment. Storing your cartridge in warm/hot conditions allows for potential leakage.

The light on my battery is white

Try unscrewing the cartridge from the battery and reattaching it. If this does not solve the issue, return the battery to the dispensary from where it was purchased.

Does your oil contain any additives like vitamin E acetate?

No, all Evolvd oil contains 100% pure cannabis

Do you ship cartridges?


How do I know when my battery needs to be charged?

If the LED light blinks or does nothing at all directly after you push the power button, your battery is most likely dead and will need to be recharged.

How do I return a defective cartridge?

Return your cartridge to the dispensary from where you purchased it within 30 days for a replacement or refund. Be prepared to demonstrate the defect of the cartridge. While this is our recommendation and our policy, not all dispensaries accept cartridge returns, so please call in advance.

How do I charge my battery?

Insert the micro-USB charger into the base of the battery until red light flashes on. Light will turn green to indicate a full charge.

If you still have questions, send us an email

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