Evolvd Pen

100% Pure Cannabis

We are committed to providing innovative products consisting of the finest, selectively sourced cannabis. All our extracts are free of additives and tested extensively for purity.

Living Packaging


Our high-terpene Living line has been carefully curated to showcase the fullest expression of the flower. Each batch of Living oil tests between 15%-25% in pure cannabis terpenes. Taste your favorite strains like never before.

Classic Packaging


Our Classic CO2 oil is THC-rich and bold in both its flavor and effect. In addition to terpene concentrations between 8%-12%, our Classic oil consistently tests at 70%-80% THC. It also contains high levels of minor cannabinoids, such as CBG, THCv and CBC. Experience the whole package.

Distillate Packaging


Purified cannabis oil infused with strain-specific cannabis terpenes. Our Distillate contains the highest THC percentages among our lines of oil, consistently testing between 80% - 85%. Appreciate the taste and effects of a different kind of distillate oil extracted from premium cannabis and made with intention.